El Jazzy Chavo - Echoes From Another Cosmogony (Cassette)


'Echoes From Another Cosmogony' by El Jazzy Chavo

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes

Cat#: FNKC012
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 100.
Both side full body 3D printed cassettes.
Black & white collage sticker on case + one back-up sticker.
Description card included.
Comes with FNKC stickers.

'Echoes From Another Cosmogony' is the 5th solo instrumental album by producer El Jazzy Chavo. The album contains 14 sample-based tracks with spacey, atmospheric soundscapes and dusty drum breaks.

Produced by El Jazzy Chavo.
Mixed & mastered at Funkypseli Cave.
Collage art and cover design by El Jazzy Chavo.