El Jazzy Chavo - Today the sun falls in the east (Compact Disc CD)

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'Today the sun falls in the east' by El Jazzy Chavo

Cat#: FNKC002-1
Format: Digipak CD
Limited edition of 100 handcrafted copies
Comes with extra stickers.

This is a 14 track instrumental album produced by El Jazzy Chavo. Last 3 bonus tracks available only on physical formats and/or after purchasing the digital version.

"Dusty vinyls, an old turntable, a sampler, some coffee and a lot of inspiration. The sun fell in the east. Go with the flow."

Music production & arrangement: El Jazzy Chavo
Front back & label photography: Eleftherizaki
Back of CD tray photography: Nikolas Kokovlis
Art direction: El Chavo

Released on March 7, 2017

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