Rusty Drum Break Library vol. 1 (12" Vinyl)


'Rusty Drum Break Library vol. 1' by Chavo The Alley Cat

Cat#: RDBL-001
Limited edition of 300.
Black discobag.
Description sticker on cover.
Fresh over-bag.

Rusty Drum Break Library vol. 1 is a selection of 30 rare open drum breaks compiled by hand, directly out of Chavo's record crates.

Strictly funk, strictly vinyl, strictly for producers.
The record was pressed in 33 RPM for old sampler users to be able to pitch up the source more, before sampling.

Avaible ONLY in limited edition vinyl.

Digital version does NOT include nothing more than the snippets of the tracks with the voice-over. The library album is available only in physical format (12" vinyl record).