El Jazzy Chavo - Aspects of Dystopia (Cassette)

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El Jazzy Chavo - Aspects of Dystopia (Cassette)

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'Aspects of Dystopia' by El Jazzy Chavo

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‘Aspects of Dystopia’ is available on LTD edition white vinyl, black vinyl, cassette tape & bundle.

Cat#: FNKC019
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 50.
C-40 cassettes available in ivory color.
Both side printed j-card + 1 panel.
Including download card & stickers.

Aspects of Dystopia is the sixth solo instrumental album by the producer El Jazzy Chavo. This album is packed with hard knocking drums, fat basslines & atmospheric melodies. Based on the classic methods and techniques, new aspects of this art come to the surface.

"Inspired by the urban routine, the everyday life misery, the working class struggle, the low-life cats that conquer the city. Aspects of dystopia, aspects of reality."

All beats produced & mixed by El Jazzy Chavo.
Collage art by Tipotati.
Art directed by Funkypseli Cave.

Releases on December 4, 2020