Demotapez - Da Blockz Are Breathin (Cassette)

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Demotapez - Da Blockz Are Breathin (Cassette)

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'Da Blockz Are Breathin' by Demotapez

Cat#: FNKC018
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 60.
C-40 cassettes available in black or yellow cassettes.
Both side printed j-card.
Comes with extra FNKC stickers.
Comes with free download code for the digital version.

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes
Buy/Download: WAV/MP3

“The universal language of music speaks to every soul on the planet. It helps to overcome the hardships of life and find internal peace for the soul. When the road hits the dead end and there is nowhere to turn to, the music opens a new way and inspires you to move forward, no matter how difficult it is. Where I come from, many stories are trapped in between 4 walls of the concrete jungle and that is why DA BLOCKZ ARE BREATHIN.
Peace to El Jazzy Chavo for making this album a reality, to RAW MENTALITEE for bringing me into this analog world of SP’s and MPC’s and to every listener for supporting me on this journey. “

Produced by Demotapez with SP1200, MPC2000XL & AKAI S900.
Photography by Martynas Budrys.
Graphic design by El Jazzy Chavo.
Art direction by Funkypseli Cave.

Released on July 12, 2020