El Jazzy Chavo - Echoes From Another Cosmogony (12" Vinyl Reissue)

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El Jazzy Chavo - Echoes From Another Cosmogony (12" Vinyl Reissue)

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'Echoes From Another Cosmogony' by El Jazzy Chavo

Cat#: FNKC012
Format: 12" Vinyl
Limited edition of 100.
HQ printed sleeve with 3mm spine.
Comes with free download card for the digital version.

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes
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Re-issue from the original masters of this classic album.

'Echoes From Another Cosmogony' is comprised of instrumental tracks created in traditional ways of Hip-Hop production, reminiscent of the times when the culture thrived. It contains 14 sample-based instrumental head-nodders with spacey, atmospheric soundscapes and dusty drum breaks.

The album was released in February, 2019 in a limited edition of 300 copies via Funkypseli Cave Records. It quickly somehow became well-known on the beatmaker scene circles and was sold out globally in about 6 months.

Produced by El Jazzy Chavo.
Mixed & mastered at Funkypseli Cave.
Collage art and cover design by El Jazzy Chavo.

Released on October 23, 2022