Funkypseli Cave Presents: Jingles From The Slums (Cassette)

10.00 EUR
Funkypseli Cave Presents: Jingles From The Slums (Cassette)

Funkypseli Cave Presents:
'Jingles From The Slums'

Cat#: FNKC024
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 100.
Transparent with dark liner C-41 cassettes.
Both side pad-printed.
Comes with extra FNKC stickers.
Comes with free download code for the digital version.

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes
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"Funkypseli Cave. The record label of the slums bringing the phat sound!"
An instrumental boom bap compilation of 14 tracks by different beatmakers from all around the world.

Follow the artists:
Junk33 // Nigma // El Jazzy Chavo //
Flux The Cynic // Dooku // IDO33 //
Tomy Loops // KD // Nosfer // Rateone // John Diggs // Lukay // 1200Bax // Maxcarpone // Rak // Al Hubbard

Releases on May 6, 2022