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Junk33 - The Equinox (Cassette) <s>10€ EUR</s>

'The Equinox' by Junk33

Cat#: FNKC020
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 100.
C-40 cassettes available in blue & red cover art.
Both side printed j-card + 1 panel.
Comes with extra FNKC stickers.
Comes with free download code for the digital version.

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes
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We're living in times where our feelings tend to resemble a rollercoaster. Once you are on the bright side having hope and knowing that you'll make it work eventually. The next minute you're on your dark side where melancholy fills your body and nothing is certain.
Listening to "The Equinox" is a nostalgic trip from present to past, from dawn to dusk and vice versa.
The 90's aesthetics are strong in this one with dusty drums, crunchy jazzy samples and funky cuts!
In other words, the golden era ain't finished!
Listen, wander and enjoy!

All tracks produced & scratched by Junk33
Mixed & mastered by Logos Apili
Design & Layout by 3rdEyeRevolution

Released on February 25, 2021