Mr. Santer - Keepin' The Ill Funk Flava (Cassette)

12.00 EUR
Mr. Santer - Keepin' The Ill Funk Flava (Cassette)

'Keepin' The Ill Funk Flava' by Mr. Santer

Cat#: FNKC026
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 50.
Transparent with dark liner C-36 cassettes.
Both side pad-printed.
Comes with stickers.
Comes with free download code for the digital version.

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Debut album by promising producer Mr. Santer straight from Königsberg (Kaliningrad), Russia out on FNKC Records.
'Keppin' The Ill Funk Flava' is a definition of what the phrase "bringing back the boom bap sound" should mean.
Strictly instrumental Hip-Hop from the beginning and all the way through!

“Dedicated to all Hip-Hop heads all over the globe. Raw and gritty boom bap sound from Königsberg. Strictly MPC2000XL and SP404SX beats. Mad respect to all the people who has supported me and my music."
One love,
Mr. Santer

Produced & mixed by Mr. Santer
Cuts by DJ Steprock (A3, A4), DJ Pashtet (B4)
Photography by Sho & Sho
Layout / Design Jazzy Chavo
Art direction by Funkypseli Cave