Leftovers Bundle - 7x Vinyl Records 120€ EUR

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Leftovers Bundle - 7x Vinyl Records <s>120€ EUR</s>

Offering a special bundle of 7 vinyl record releases from the FNKC catalog.
By getting this bundle you're saving 30% in total. You're also saving on shipping.
Only 10 bundles available worldwide.


Bundle includes:
-1x Νοκτούρν, 12" Vinyl
-1x Prespectives, 180g 12" Vinyl
-1x Aspects of Dystopia, Black 12" Vinyl
-1x Mood Killer, 12" Vinyl
-1x Boom Bap Overdose, 12" Vinyl
-1x Rusty Drum Break Library vol. 1, 12" Vinyl
-1x Petalouda, 12" Vinyl + Booklet / NO COVER *
- Download cards

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* Petalouda album will come with its inner sleeve, artwork cover won't be included. However it will include the booklet and a download card. Folded in a fresh bag.