rak. - Mood Killer (12" Vinyl)

18.00 EUR
rak. - Mood Killer (12" Vinyl)

'Mood Killer' by Rak

Cat#: FNKC017
Format: 12" Vinyl
Limited edition of 300.
HQ printed 350gsm sleeve with 3mm spine.
Including download card & stickers.

Streaming: Spotify | iTunes
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"The mood killer kicks in from the first seconds after droppin the needle!
The rumbling effects of the mighty SP machinery makes sure that this is going to be a hell of a ride for all the boom bap head nodders.
Rak knows pretty well how to blend abstract sounds with heavy hitting drums n' breaks!
The killer lurks in the shadows so you better stay tight!
Grab some beer roll a joint lower the lights and enjoy.
A magnificent craft in between the realm of monstrosities and the living for all the cult horror fans this is your shit. Don't sleep on this.
Projects like this reminds how powerful instrumental hiphop music is.
You cannot really understand where you get the goosebumbs from!
Is it from the creepy samples or from the pure dopeness of the beats?
Maybe both - discover for yourself!
Peace out to Rak and Funkypseli Cave Records for this release.
Keep the true school alive!"
HipHopathis - Step Forward Connection

All beats produced by Rak.
Mastered by El Jazzy Chavo.
Artwork by Never Brush My Teeth.
Graphic design by Funkypseli Cave.

Released on September 18, 2020