El Jazzy Chavo - S950 Funk (Cassette)

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El Jazzy Chavo - S950 Funk (Cassette)

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'S950 Funk' by El Jazzy Chavo
Cat#: FNKC950 Format: Cassette tape Limited edition of 30. Ivory color C-40 cassettes. 'S950 Funk' themed stickers on cassettes. Comes with extra stickers. Comes with free download code for the digital version.
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This album is inspired by the retro sampler Akai S950 from the late 80’s, bringing skillfully together classic Hip-Hop, funk & jazz elements and improving it with selected vocal samples and scratches. With this, a remarkable sound is created!
Suggested for Golden Era lovers!

Produced & mixed by Jazzy Chavo.
Photography by Nikolas Kokovlis.