El Jazzy Chavo - Strangelands (Cassette)

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El Jazzy Chavo - Strangelands (Cassette)

'Strangelands' by El Jazzy Chavo

Cat#: FNKC022
Format: Cassette tape
Limited edition of 100.
Plum color C-40 cassettes.
Both side printed j-card + 5 panel.
Comes with extra FNKC stickers.
Comes with free download code for the digital version.

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'Strangelands' is the 7th instrumental album by producer Jazzy Chavo.
It contains 15 tracks splitted in 4+1 volumes.
Each volume will be released every second week.

"With an eye to escape reality, I started thinking of weird places and rare landscapes.
Dreams of deceptive worlds I saw in pictures, magazines, movies, even in music.
At some point I realized that all this daydreaming and fantasy
about these strangelands is based on reality."

All beats produced & mixed by Jazzy Chavo.
Collage & design by Chavo.
Art directed by Funkypseli Cave.

Released on December 14, 2021