Various Artists - Boom Bap Overdose (12" Vinyl)

18.00 EUR
Various Artists - Boom Bap Overdose (12" Vinyl)

'Boom Bap Overdose' by Various Artists

Cat#: FNKC013
Format: 12" Vinyl
Limited edition of 300.
HQ printed 350gsm sleeve with 3mm spine.
Comes with free download card for the digital version.

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'Boom Bap Overdose' is the third compilation album from the cave, including 14 instrumental tracks from 14 different producers.

"Back with an album that's gonna make your head nod, from top to bottom!
Boom Bap Overdose for all the classic Hip Hop junkies!"

Featured artists:
Snares // Dj Obsolete // El Jazzy Chavo // Beatmaschine // Zatri //
Vyda // Demotapez // Mowgz // Chief Rugged // SicknessMP //
Remulak // Petrovich // Krooks // Most Ralf N Lark //

Music production by each individual producer.
Artwork & design by Biofa 7fa7.
Art Direction by Funkypseli Cave.

Released on January 2, 2020